COSI Launch Attempt #3!

Update @ 1:45am:

COSI is in the hangar ready to be picked up by the gondola! We’re having our third launch attempt this morning, aiming for a launch around 9am. The weather isn’t looking perfect, but we don’t want to miss the chance just in case it turns around. We’ll keep you updated on Facebook, Twitter, and here.

2016-04-27 00.20.05
McBride checking the grounding before we button up the gondola.

Update @ 4:05am:

We’re on a weather hold here waiting to see a change for the better before proceeding out to the flight line.

Update @ 6:10am:

We’re moving out to the flight line! Still waiting for weather to improve but not wanting to miss it when/if it does.

Update at 7:10am:

Cancelled 🙁