COSI Launch Attempt #2!

Update @ 3:15am:
The COSI team has finished their pre-flight checkouts and is ready to be moved to the flight line! The weather seems to be stable, so this might be it!

Watch the action live:

2016-04-19 02.29.00-2

Update @ 5:00am:
COSI has moved out to the flight line and things are still looking good!

Update @ 7:00am:
The sun has come up  here in Wanaka and the balloon has been moved out to the flight line!

2016-04-19 05.05.30
Some of the COSI team taking a nap while we wait for the launch. At this point we’ve done all of our checkouts confirming that COSI is ready. Now we wait.
2016-04-19 06.36.38
Henry riding out on the balloon trailer. Hopefully this is the balloon leaving the building for the last time!

Update @ 7:45am:
Launch attempt cancelled due to an increase in the surface winds. Thanks for all of the good wishes. We’ll be trying again soon!


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