We have some very sad news to report: Ashraf’s is closing for two months 🙁

Ashraf’s is an Indian restaurant in Wanaka, and it’s definitely the best one. There are four Indian restaurants in town, and most of us have tried all of them. We liked Ashraf’s so much that one week we went there 5 times. As yesterday was their last night, we went there for the past three nights in a row.

The outside of Ashraf’s

Some of our favorite dishes to get there are Chicken Rogan Josh (from the royal kitchens of Kashmir!), Palak Paneer (the spinach sauce is amazing), and Chicken Korma with plain Naan and a Monteith’s black (That last one is McBride’s usual. He doesn’t even order anymore, he just says ‘my usual’ and they know what he means).

By now, we’re quite familiar to Ashraf and his wife. Every time we’ve come in recently, they’ve laughed at us. But even though they probably think we’re ridiculous for coming to their restaurant so much, they were willing to be in a photo with some of us the other night:


Now that Ashraf’s is closing for the winter, our stay in Wanaka will definitely be going downhill. I’ve always liked Indian food, but Ashraf’s has really taught me to love it. For that, I will always be grateful.

Group selfie at our last night at Ashraf’s


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