COSI is Flight Ready!

COSI had it’s compatibility test with CSBF last Wednesday. We had to wait for the excitement surrounding Warbirds to settle down and we needed a full day of good weather. The science team arrived at 5am to go through all of our checks to be ready for the gondola pick up by the launch vehicle at 8am. After hours of testing outside and only a few minor glitches we were happy to declare success by that evening.

2016-03-30 07.57.34
It was a gorgeous morning to be working outside. Here the riggers are preparing to lift up COSI and start integrating the solar panels. Since the panels are so large and fragile, we leave them off while working in the hangar.
2016-03-30 09.38.26
COSI with all of it’s solar panels hanging from the launch vehicle during compatibility. The aluminized mylar which surrounds our entire electronics bay for thermal reasons makes looking directly at COSI in the sunlight a little painful.
The COSI team during compatibility.

Now that compatibility has been passed, we’re waiting patiently for a flight opportunity. While we wait, we can continue to take calibration data. You can never have enough calibration data!

We will post here when the weather gives us a chance at a launch.

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