COSI 2024

Meetings of the Compton Spectrometer and Imager collaboration in Berkeley, California during October 2024

Part 1:  Science meeting on October 15-17 – This part of the meeting is intended to be of interest to the entire science team.

Part 2:  Data pipeline meeting on October 18-19, 21-25 – This part of the meeting will be a working meeting of the data pipeline team.

Venue:  Currently planned to be Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL):

Local Organizing Committee (LOC):  John Tomsick, Andreas Zoglauer, Alyson Joens, Field Rogers, Samer Al Nussirat, Robin Anthony-Petersen, Pooneh Zehtabfard, Hannah Gulick

Planning your visit:  SSL is located in the Berkeley Hills about 2 miles from (and 1000 feet above) the main UC Berkeley campus.  The SSL visitors webpage provides information about getting to SSL, parking, transportation options, and lodging (in Berkeley).  

More to come:  Expect more details on lodging options, meeting plans, and other events in the near future.

Questions:  If you have questions, please contact a member of the LOC.