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COSI 2020

COSI is planning to fly again! We plan to fly again in the Austral Fall of (~April 2020) from Wanaka, NZ onboard another Super Pressure Balloon (SPB).

Keep an eye out for news and updates as we prepare our instrument for flight.

COSI Flight Operations

We often refer to the term Flight Operations to mean the monitoring and controlling of COSI in flight.  Operations is a very crucial part of a successful flight, as it’s how we ensure COSI is working to the best of its ability throughout the flight.  Thanks to our various communications links, as outlined in Talking to COSI, we can monitor and control many aspects of COSI in real-time during the flight.

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Wine Tasting

Waiting around for perfect weather, we spent the first few days working on our telemetry and analysis tools that we will use to monitor the instrument from the ground.  Since then, however, the pressure has let up some and we’ve had a few chances to enjoy ourselves.

Yesterday, some of us took off the afternoon to go wine tasting in Bannockburn. Continue reading Wine Tasting