Recent News: A lot has been happening for COSI since our flight in 2016!

  • Get ready for COSI 2020! We’re flying again from Wanaka, NZ and are looking forward to more data, more analysis, and more trips to Ashraf’s. Stay tuned.
  • Thomas Siegert has joined the COSI analysis team as a postdoc at UC San Diego. Welcome to the group, Thomas!
  • Welcome new graduate students Hadar Lazar and Jacqueline Beechert!
  • Carolyn is now Dr. Carolyn Kierans and is working at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Congratulations!
  • The COSI group has been very active at conferences and seminars since the 2016 flight, with over 30 abstracts presented! For a selection of this work please see: Clio’s HEAD Meeting talk, Alex’s paper on GRB polarization, Carolyn’s overview of the 2016 flight, and John’s overview of the science results!
  • Alex is now Dr. Alex Lowell and has moved on to a postdoc at UCSD working on GAPS, a balloon-borne instrument looking for anti-deuterons. Congratulations Alex!
  • Jarred Roberts is a new postdoc who has joined the COSI team down at UCSD. He is focused on development of the ASIC for next-generation instruments.
  • Terri Brandt from Goddard Space Flight Center has joined the COSI collaboration!

COSI is a balloon-borne soft gamma-ray (0.2-5 MeV) telescope designed to study astrophysical sources of nuclear line emission and gamma-ray polarization. Learn more by reading about the Science behind COSI, its Design and related Publications.

The COSI Team launched the instrument from Wanaka, New Zealand, in May 2016 aboard a Super Pressure Balloon.  Learn about the work in their Blog PostsTwitter FeedFacebook Wall, or in the News.